Sonos For Your 3D TV?

Traditionally, when one thinks about a home entertainment system, the first thing that comes to mind is the TV, surrounding speakers and a rat’s nest of wires. With Sonos, the term home entertainment now means a whole home filled with music and the smart technology to make it super easy to manage. Do you fancy listening to one song as you move around your home? No problem! Sonos allows you to link all the speakers on the system to play at the same time. Alternatively, if you have a house full of people, they can all listen to various songs. The best thing about Sonos is that the music steams via your home Wifi, not your phone’s Bluetooth, ensuring non stop playback.

The Sonos range falls into three categories: The sound for music range, the sound for TV range and the upgrade range. These three ranges compliment each other while each speaker is fully capable of working on it’s own. Looking at the sound for music range, you have a choice of four speakers. Sonos one, PLAY:1, PLAY:3 and PLAY:5.

The Sonos One speaker is by far the smartest of the 4 kids in the range. With voice activated command as well as the standard touch controls and an app you are able to change the volume and song selection from anywhere in the room. Play:1 is the baby in the house, but you know what they say about dynamite and small packages. With a great design you can proudly display PLAY:1 on your bookshelf. If you’re after a hidden music system, PLAY:1 will fit into various tiny spaces. PLAY:3 is the middle child, but not to be forgotten. If you need a little more juice from your speaker. PLAY:3 is for you. If you require big beats and big bass, PLAY:5 is a perfect choice. PLAY:5 has a bigger build to incorporate “all that bass”.

In true Sonos style, the music for TV range is also a smart and connected system. The PLAYBASE speaker is an all in one marvel. You can rest a TV of up to 77lbs (35kg) on the PLAYBASE system and enjoy larger than life sounds from such a compact device. PLAYBASE can be used for streaming or plugged in to your TV. Add the PLAYBAR to your TV to get cinema quality sound. The PLAYBAR works with your current TV remote and like the PLAYBASE has only two cables. Add a 2 PLAY:1 speakers and the SUB to set up a surround sound.

There are various add-ons in the upgrade range, like the CONNECT, CONNECT AMP and more than enough wall mounts and devices to make music effortless. Welcome to the easy, Sonos improved music era.