Best Smart Home Technology of 2018

We are always on the lookout for a more sufficient means of improving and organizing our way of living. It could be argued that the concept of home improvement is a method of our own desired self-improvement, which can be further illustrated by the advantages a smart home provides along with many of the technological appliances supporting its function, which help us assign and mandate a more structured sense of order to our way of daily living.

The latest smart home tech of 2018 has proven to not only simplify the functions within our smart homes. It improves upon the quality of their performance. Several of these technologies range from an array of appliances such as the Generation 2 Single Cue, a first gesture control device that allows for a much simpler means of interaction with the devices incorporated into a smart home. Similar features can be found in other products such as Amazon Eco Dot and Amazon Eco Show, which very much like the single cue can perform voice command services that allow for a change in room temperature, ordering an Uber, making phone calls, sending messages, determining a simple weather forecast, playing songs, and even making food orders. The list of possibilities is endless, and what’s more relevant about these devices is the artificial intelligence component, which allows for them to evolve and add even more features in the progression of their performance, which promises even greater measures of developmental improvement for a smart home over time.

We are living in a technologically relevant era where stability and order are essential. The end goal of those factors is through the use of the smart home technologies that support them and that is why it is vital that they remain protected, which is where a smart lock can be the perfect instrument of utilizing its preservation. Like the devices that amplify a smart home’s function, the Ultra-Lock UL3 BT, the world’s first Bluetooth enabled fingerprint and touch screen lever lock amplifies security by integrating codes, fingerprint scans, and even through a

Smartphone feature where a simple knock on the screen will unlock the door in just 0.5 seconds fundamentally eliminates the need for a physical key. The ultra lock feature also allows for you to keep track of who is logged in, pretty much ensuring the security of your own account, which is the last thing anyone would want compromised.

What defines the smart home as a technological marvel, is how much it simplifies our means of living through many of the newly surfacing technologies being developed to further enhance and evolve its primary function, which is to help us live better and easier lives. Through just the remote use of either a phone or computer, we can run our home to a higher standard of further assigning an order to our daily lives as we continue to live and advance in our growing desire for safety, security, and optimum efficiency.

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