LG Infinia 47LX9500 Review

In this review of the LG 47LX9500 3D TV, we will take a look at a number of new features introduced with the LX9500 series from LG. The 47LX9500 is part of LG’s flagship LX9500 line of 3D ready TVs and it features a gorgeous 47 inch, 480Hz LED backlit LCD display. Other bells and whistles include a Wii like remote called the ‘Magic Wand’ for interacting with the TV and the Clear Voice II feature that enhances the volume and clarity of dialogues in movies and shows without affecting the background music/sound effects.

LG 47LX9500 47-inch 1080p 480Hz 3D Ready LED-Backlit HDTV

List Price: $3,299.99
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The LG 47LX9500 is the smaller of the two 3D capable HDTV announced by LG so far. While the final release date for this HDTV has not yet been announced, it has been suggested that the LX9500 series of 3D TVs will be released to the market in the middle of April, 2010.

47LX9500 Features and Specifications

  • 3D Ready HDTV
  • 47” Screen
  • 480Hz Trumotion
  • Full LED slim display panel with local dimming (240 zones)
  • Elegant aesthetics with an attractive ‘glass like’ appearance and ultra-thin bezel
  • THX certified display
  • Wireless HD streaming for a cable-less setup
  • Magic Wand Remote Control
  • Internet enabled with NetCast for seamless integration with several online services

Screen Size and Appearance

The aesthetics of the LG 47LX9500 was one of the standout features in this review. With a revolutionary ultra-slim 8.5 mm bezel, this 47 inch 3D flatpanel is all image, and that is a good thing. This allows the viewer to take in the rich colors and vibrant images on the screen without being distracted by a thick bezel. We hope that the 47LX9500 sets the bar for other manufacturers and that they will follow suit by moving towards producing HDTVs with ultra-thin bezels.

LG has taken a minimalist approach in the design of the 47LX9500 with an elegant glassy look for this 3D TV. As you can see in the images, the base of the TV as well as most of the body has a very elegant, glass like appearance. We love the look of the 47LX9500 and it looks to be one of the best looking 3D TVs of 2010.

The 47LX9500 flatpanel display is also quite slim, measuring just 0.92 inches thick. While this is certainly not as thin as some of the edge-lit LED 3D TVs like the Samsung 3D ready TVs, it does have the advantage of not being edge-lit, which allows for a more uniform backlighting in the 47LX9500.

All in all, the LG 47LX9500 is definitely a great looking display with its minimalist, glassy look and an ultra-thin bezel.

LG 47LX9500 Display Technology

As mentioned earlier in this review, the 47LX9500 is an LCD display with LED backlighting. Additionally, this HDTV features local dimming technology with 240 separate dimmable zones. Local dimming technology allows for deeper black levels which helps mitigate one of the chief drawbacks of LCD displays, namely the backlight bleeding in dark regions of the screen. While some of the earlier televisions featuring local dimming suffered from having very few independent dimmable zones, the 47LX9500 has 240 zones which should allow for a significant improvement in the quality of the local dimming. Keep in mind that Toshiba has surpassed the LX9500 series in this area with the Toshiba Cell TV that features a whopping 512 locally dimmable LED zones.

Picture Quality of the 47LX9500 3D TV

We will hold off on a final verdict on the image quality of the 47LX9500 display till it is released and we get a chance to have a closer look at it. However, we should mention that the 47LX9500 is a THX certified 3D television. What this means is that this HDTV has passed over 30 rigorous tests that are designed by THX. THX certification implies that the 47LX9500 should deliver an exceptional movie viewing experience.

Flatpanel resolution

The 47LX9500 has a native resolution of 1080p, i.e. 1920 x 1080. This is pretty much the standard for all 3D TVs being released in 2010. The only exception to this rule is the Toshiba Cell TVs which have a native 2K display. However, given that there aren’t any sources of HD content with a resolution higher that 1080p, this resolution should be plenty for the next 5-6 years.

Refresh Rate and Processing

The LG 47ZX9500 features a 480Hz trumotion display that achieves this ultra-high refresh rate by using the scanning backlight technique. While the 480Hz number definitely seems impressive on paper, we are quite sure that you would be hard pressed to tell any difference between this television and a regular 240Hz 3D display. Also, make sure to turn off any processing and motion interpolation for regular 2D content and movies as the extra interpolation tends to give the movie a very cheap looking quality.

Viewing Angle

The 47ZX9500 viewing angle should be in line with most other LED televisions and is around 40 degrees. Plasma 3D TVs definitely have a better viewing angle. However, make sure to read our guide on 3D TV viewing angles before you choose a 3D HDTV based on the viewing angle specifications of the TV.

3D Technology

LG, like most other manufacturers in 2010, has adopted Active shutter based 3D technology for the LX9500 series. Given that the advantages of Active Shutter technology when it comes to LCD and Plasma panels, this seems to be the right choice. The 240Hz refresh rate per eye will allow for an immersive and smooth 3D viewing experience. In addition, the 1080p display will enable HD enjoyment of 3D content on the 47LX9500.

Media, Internet and Connectivity

The LG 47LX9500 has a large number of A/V ports including 4 HDMI ports, 2 sets of component inputs, a VGA port and 2 USB ports. This television set also supports DLNA, which means that you will be able to easily stream media to your 3D TV via devices that support DLNA.

One of the awesome features of the 47LX9500 is Wireless HD, which allows you to connect all the input video cables to a mediabox instead of the actual TV. The mediabox can stream full 1080p content wirelessly to the TV, thus allowing for a cable less setup for your TV in your home. You can also connect to the internet wirelessly and using LG’s online suite of internet Apps titled NetCast you can access a host of services including Yahoo, VUDU, Pandora, Netflix, Accuweather, Skype, Youtube, etc.


The LG 47LX9500 is a very capable 3D TV with a great feature set. In particular, we liked the aesthetics of this television, coupled with its 240 zone, locally dimmable LED display, Wireless HD support and internet support. While the 480Hz rating is certainly nice to look at, we highly doubt that it will produce any easily discernible benefit over 240Hz displays. We believe that if the 47LX9500 has a competitive price in comparison to Toshiba and Samsung’s latest 3D TV offerings, then it will certainly be an attractive option for consumers. Stay tuned for a more comprehensive review of this 3D TV.